That Time We Told My Parents We Were Adopting 3 Kids...

For 6 years I have dreamed of how I would tell my mom that we were starting our family, either through pregnancy or adoption. I've seen all the videos on Facebook and YouTube of creative ways loved ones find out, there are tears and screams and lots of hugs, and I've always wanted that.


It was raining, that devastating hurricane was coming through Texas and we were set to have a birthday dinner with my mom and dad in downtown Austin.

Texts went back and forth, 'maybe we should reschedule...'
I called my dad, "I think mom will really like her birthday present, let's still try." So my parents made the hour drive into town to meet a very wet Whitney and Nick at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. 

I was shaking as I handed her 2 gift bags with tissue paper pouring out of the top and she placed them aside while we ordered drinks. I wanted to scream: 'OPEN YOUR PRESENTS', but I figured that would give it away, so I played it cool...and downed my wine...

The kind waiter kept coming over, 'Are you guys ready?', 'No, go away, this is about to get good!' is what I wanted to say, but instead, 'sorry, give us another minute.' 

And then she went to open them...and the waiter came back and I actually swatted him away! 

I pulled my phone up, the camera was already on as I was r-e-a-d-y, and it seemed everything went into slow motion...It took her forever (in my mind) to pull out that dang tissue paper...

And then...


It was the best! It was everything I'd hoped it would be for 6 years and I could not be more thankful for my loving parent's hearts. 

The rest of the dinner we talked about alllllllll the details, all the things, all the feelings. 

Over the next few days we had the privilege of telling Nick's family but because we live out of state we weren't able to get their reaction on film. But it was just as sweet! There were tears and joy, hoots and hollers and lots of questions but so much love and support. 

And since the very first day we have received so many kind words, prayers and encouragement and we are forever thankful for all of your support. Our hearts beg that you do not glamorize this step of faith but truly see our growing family as a testament to the goodness of God. He is the only one who can and will sustain us through this process and we are clinging to Him. 

I'm planning on sharing our travel journey to our children later this week but in the mean time we have set up an adoption fundraising site. We by no means expect anyone to give but some of you have asked how, and so we are sharing. We will also be applying to adoption grants and loans and will be hosting an Instagram Auction. If anyone out there has a store or something they would like to donate to our auction please email me at! 

Thank you for being our village and community!

With passion + thankfulness,

Whitney and Nick