If I'm honest, and those of you who know me, I am always honest (even to my own detriment), this site was birthed despite years and years of telling myself I didn't want to be another voice in 'blogland'. But after an encounter with a possible angel in India (seriously), I decided to follow through with an idea I've been dreaming about for years.

When I was in elementary, I thought in story form. My whole life was a novel or screen play. I would buy spiral journals and write screenplays of young girls (all named Whitney or some cool guy turned girl name like Ryan or Blake) going on epic adventures with their talking pets. I wrote story after story and still have those journals to this day. Even still, when I'm road tripping alone I'll dialogue out loud, a story or movie that I make up as I go. Creating new worlds is a part of my core being.

I can't not do it. 

And so...here I am. Creating a place to share the journey God has written for us. I promise to be real, raw, vulnerable and transparent. My hope is that you might also find Jesus in the journey and that together we can realize that this life isn't really about us at all.